A Case of the Mondays….on a Tuesday.

Yup. There’s where I am today.

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Or at least I was.

An foreseen late start to the day , coupled with an unavoidably long commute (45 minutes longer then it should have been), topped off with the fact that about  2 minutes into the ride I had already spilled my breakfast down the front of me… I was ready to call it a day, a Mon-day, that is. Had this all taken place yesterday, I would have brushed it off on the fact that somewhere in my mind that ‘s a perfectly acceptable behavior… for a Monday. But what right does Tuesday have in following Mondays foot steps!?!

Every once in a while one of those days creeps on in and tries to get the best of me. I throw myself a pity party, sigh extra loudly (hoping to incite some compassion from my office mates), and throw my hands up and call it quits. And then exactly 5 minutes later, I pull up my theoretical big girl pants and get back on the grind.  If any one of these incidents had been isolated I doubt I would have taken much notice but throw a few bumps in the rode and suddenly I’m longing for my glory days back in nursery school.

Yes, being an adult is not always easy, sometimes it just plain sucks. At moments I wish I could turn back time (did anyone else hear Cher singing just then, too?). Alas, I can’t. But I do get the opportunity to decide to tell Tuesday to get it’s act together. And I have.

So they next time the “Mondays” start to kick in….you tell it right where to go.